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freshness you can taste,

sustainability you can feel good about


with farmers


carbon emission




We’re on a mission to make eating healthy, easy, and affordable in Asia-Pacific. Our salads are mainly field-grown which benefit from nutrient-rich healthy soils and results in vegetables with a wider range of nutrients and more complex flavors.

By growing locally in Vietnam, we’re reducing the carbon footprint and price for ready-to-eat alternatives that are imported from Australia and the US.

With our zero waste goals, we’re

working with farmers to grow our salads to specification to reduce waste on the supply side;

optimizing our production processes, cold chain logistics, and finding ways to reuse bi-products to reduce waste in processing;

and creating a recycling program to reduce waste after consumption.

Did we forget to mention it? We’re also building food traceability so you can feel safe about the food you eat!

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